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Get more eyes on your application

Your Scismic application stands out among the rest! Biotech and Agtech companies trust our screening system to match them with the best pre-screened candidates.

The job portal for scientists/engineers like you

Scientists and engineers face challenges when it comes to finding work beyond academia. We know because we’ve been there too. Scismic will guide you to your next role and a fulfilling career ahead.

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Fast, FREE, and easy

Get instant access to job opportunities that match your areas of expertise and interest

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Better job fit

Accurate, targeted job matching connects you to the right jobs for your skillset

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Discover new career paths

Our skill-matching algorithm helps you discover jobs you didn't realize you qualify for

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Personalized career development

Advance your career with personalized guidance and feedback, complimentary webinars, and workshops geared towards YOUR success in the industry

Why choose Scismic

As scientists & engineers ourselves, we understand the struggles you go through looking for that perfect job. We have designed Scismic to make your job search easier, faster and stress-free.

Without Scismic

Unaware of ALL your career options

Unsure what skills are top priority from job descriptions

Isolated from an industry environment

5% chance to receive a call back from a hiring manager

Limited support for finding employment

With Scismic

Learn to apply your skills to many different roles in industry

Learn to pick out important information from job descriptions, improve your resume, and practice interview skills with our career coaches

Learn about the industry landscape through our free webinars

50% chance to receive a call back from a hiring manager

We’re here to walk you through your career journey

3 steps to your next job in science



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Browse a curated list of open positions that accurately match your expertise and interests.



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You decide where and when you apply. We funnel your applications straight to the hiring managers and follow up on your behalf.

Featured positions on Scismic

From R&D to consulting, find your dream job in our extensive list of openings.

What our users have to say about us

Built by scientists for ALL scientists! I want scientists
like me to know that they have valuable skills that can
be applied in diverse ways in the science industry.

Danika Khong, PhD


Moving to Move Up:

Why and How to Relocate for Work

September 28, 2022   |   5pm-6pm ET

September 28, 2022

5pm-6pm ET

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